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British Airways reward flights can be booked from midnight (1am BST) , 355 days before departure.

It’s an unwritten rule, that BA release at least 2 Business Class seats on every flight. Because of this predictability, it’s often hard to catch those two seats as there’s almost always someone else waiting to get them as well. After this time, further seats can open up in other cabins. The best time to check is 00:30 GMT.

This image shows the British Airways First Class cabin.
British Airways First Class.

Reward seats can be booked anytime up to the day of departure and until check in closes. If you are still looking for reward seats on the day of travel, remember to ask at check in and again at the lounge.

If you are trying to find availability for a popular route such as Australia or Mauritius, you should call a at midnight UK time (1am during British Summer Time).  You will need to call a non-UK BA office as the UK one will be closed. You should call on the day that the outbound opens and book a one-way ticket. Then at 355 days before the inbound, do the same again. Obviously if you book the outbound, then there is no guarantee you will get the inbound. However, Avios flights can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to departure, for a £35 fee.


  • If you need more than one seat, but the amount you need are not available, book as many as you can and keep watching for more. Waiting for them all to appear is extremely risky because there’s no guarantee of more appearing and someone else could take the existing seats at any time.
  • If you need multiple seats in a cabin, and there’s none or limited numbers available, book the next cabin down because you can always upgrade again later by simply paying the difference in miles & taxes.
  • Remember that you can still book reward seats on the day of travel, at the airport, subject to availability.
  • You can hold reward seats for up to 72 hours by either calling BA or through the website. This is useful if you want to transfer points from a credit card, or buy miles for the transaction. There’s usually a small charge associated with this.
  • Be flexible!
  • Be persistent!

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